Saudi kingdom has destabilized Lebanon by kidnapping Saad Hariri


An analyst believes Saudi Arabia is “threatening” the security and stability of the Middle East by interfering in the internal affairs of regional countries, adding that the kingdom has “destabilized” Lebanon by “kidnapping” Prime Minister Saad Hariri.

“Here we have a prime minister who was summoned by the Saudis and kidnapped together with more than 300 businessmen and also princes by the Saudi Arabian government, yet we have not heard real condemnation of that country. So who is the threatening the security and the stability of the region? Who is causing all this mayhem? Who is causing the problems in Yemen, in Iraq, in Syria and in Bahrain? So I think there is a need for more awakening in the world in order to stop these extraterritorial interventions by the Saudis,” Saeed Shahabi told Internation Media in an interview on Monday.



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