Senior Indonesian lawmaker says it is impossible for his country to recognize Israel


A senior Indonesian lawmaker says it is impossible for his country to recognize the regime of Israel and normalize diplomatic ties with the occupying regime after reports said Washington has offered a further aid of up to $2 billion to Jakarta if it forges ties with Tel Aviv.

“The situation of the Palestinian issue is getting worse due to the blind bias of the United States towards Israel, and its disregard for the rights of Palestinian people. [The US President] Donald Trump administration is placing Arab and Muslim countries under pressure to conclude normalization agreements [with Israel],” Palestinian Arabic-language Shehab news agency quoted Fadli Zon, speaker of the Indonesian People’s Representative Council and vice president of the World Parliament League for al-Quds, as saying at a webinar entitled “Why does not Indonesia normalize relations with Israel?” He roundly dismissed the idea of Indonesia’s normalization with Israel, noting that such a move would only serve the interests of the regime. The legislator said it is impossible for Jakarta to normalize relations with the occupying Tel Aviv regime, stressing that Israel is a colonial entity that has occupied the Palestinian territories, and normalization with it would be contrary to the Indonesian Constitution. Zon noted that recent normalization agreements between Israel and certain Arab countries have emboldened the Tel Aviv regime to continue its violations against Palestinian people and enhance its settlement construction activities in the occupied West Bank and al-Quds, calling on the international community to confront settlements expansion that undermines international resolutions as well as the so-called two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He expressed hope that the incoming administration of US President-elect Joe Biden would correct the wrong decisions made by Trump regarding the Palestinian cause, asking Washington not to impede the rights of Palestinian people guaranteed by the international law. Zon called on the international community to recognize the Palestinian state and support it in international forums, and to build up a boycott of the Israeli regime politically and economically through their parliaments and civil society organizations.


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