Important that World recognises Pakistan’s new narrative of economic security, says Yusuf


Special Assistant to Prime Minister on National Security Dr Moeed Yusuf on Saturday said it was important to change how Pakistan’s narrative was perceived in the world and to propagate the message that the country stood for economic security and regional peace.

“It is important to change Pakistan’s narrative in the world. Pakistan’s narrative is of economic security and the world has not seen that. This is what I want to work on,” he said during a press conference in Lahore. He said India had tried to propagate the narrative of “shining India’ but the world could now see “how shining it was”. “But Pakistan’s narrative is one of peace and taking the region forward,” the PM’s aide said.”Our focus is on where we are and my office’s goal is that Pakistan’s new narrative is recognised in the world,” he added. “We ourselves say we are a very small market. How can the world’s fifth or sixth biggest country (population-wise) say that?” Yusuf also termed the media “Pakistan’s diplomats” and called on them to play their role in changing the country’s narrative, pointing out that foreign publications “picked up news” on the country from Pakistani media outlets. “I request you, you can talk about the state and criticise it, but Pakistan’s narrative should be apparent.


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