US fbi offers $75,000 reward for helping, Capitol building pipe bomb suspect


The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has offered a $75,000 reward for help in identifying the person who placed two pipe bombs during the January 6 violence on the US Capitol, where several people were killed.

The suspect was seen in a security video wearing a loose grey hoodie and black gloves and his/her face was covered by a coronavirus mask. The person is suspected to have planted the bombs at the offices of the Democratic and Republican parties near the Capitol building which houses the Congress. The bombs indicated that supporters of then-Republican President Donald Trump might have planned to kill some US lawmakers or blast the US legislature. Some experts, however, believe that the bombs might have been designed as an intentional diversion to attract security forces so that Trump’s loyalists could storm the Capitol building. The FBI announcement on Thursday suggested the agency could not identify the suspect. On January 6, Trump supporters launched a deadly assault on the US Capitol, disrupting the certification of the disputed November election results. Five people were killed in the siege. Trump was impeached for the second time last week under the charge of incitement of an insurrection.


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